bell hooks says, “Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that shape who we are and how we live in the world.” How do we reconcile – can we reconcile – this affirmation of cultural identities and the value of difference with Buddhist concepts of Oneness and the illusory nature of the Self? How do we learn and practice cultural humility in order to become worthy vessels for the sacred stories of the people with whom we share public spaces, yet whom we know very little about? After this Dharma talk, by Mushim, was given at San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center, co-director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Dawn Haney wrote a related article titled “Is it possible to unravel racism in mostly white U.S. Buddhist centers?”

A Dharma talk given by Mushim on August 15, 2012 at the San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center.