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Dharma talk on the benefit of applying the cooling and steadying wisdom factor of equanimity  (upeksha; upekkha) to compassion, joy, and loving kindness.  The latter three Brahmaviharas, or Four Immeasurables,  may be experienced as more exciting than equanimity.  Yet, because it embodies a long run and big picture view, equanimity helps us to contact more of the complex and varied nature of reality.

A Dharma talk given by Mushim on December 4, 2011 at the Gay Buddhist Fellowship in San Francisco.


Tricycle editor Sam Mowe wrote: “In her essay, ‘Not What I Thought,’ Mushim describes an incident at a Thai Buddhist temple in Chicago in the mid-eighties where the bhikkhus declined to invite her to meditate because she was a woman. From there she goes on to reflect on the diversity of North American Buddhism, as well as her place in it. Mushim’s essay is so enjoyable and thought-provoking that I decided to reach out to see if she might talk about some of the ideas she raises a little more in depth. What follows are pieces of our recent email exchange, which explored diversity in a Buddhist context, Occupy Wall Street, and more.